About myself and my artwork

The forms and colours of the visible world are the source from which I draw inspiration for my artwork. To me, the curve of a wave, the sunlight shimmering through trees, or a pattern of stones in a weathered wall can transform into aesthetic structures, prompting ideas for new canvasses.
1952 Born on Candlemas Day, in the village of Elten, bang on the border of Germany and the Netherlands.
Fifties Early endeavours in genre painting, stickman style. "The Blacksmith", "The Firefighter" etc.
Sixties Psychedelic period. Production of fantasy patterns in bright colours from the school paint box.
Seventies Highly productive phase while studying at Bochum University. Tight budget. Use of throwaway materials to draw and paint on, e.g. potato sacks or old rags. Art classes in Grimsby, England.
Eighties Financially more comfortable. Purchase of a large canvas. Waiting for the magnum opus.
Nineties Discarding of the large canvas in pristine condition.
Noughties Urban and Rural Sketching during travels in Spain und France.
Since 2003 Art classes in Ortrud Kabus's Open Studio at the Bochum Puppetry School. Drawings in pencil, crayons and pastels. Later in acrylics. Eventually oils.
Artistic influences Ortrud Kabus. The other students from the Open Studio. The seaside, water, the sky, the wind.

Art Criticism

The canvas is the site where the forces of nature, as powerful physique, engage in a creative exchange with the painter's artistic will. In this process, the timelessness of the ephemeral clashes with a sudden abruptness of the gradual, which, however, is never at risk of lapsing into originality. Rather, the stroke of the brush strongly commits to the doctrine of the Aurea Mediocritas — thus creating a breeding ground for overwhelmingly dense metaphors of semantic diffusion. The artistic will thus "diffuses" into the inevitability of the arbitrary. Or maybe vice versa.

Eugene Huntgeburth, Meditations on a stickman.


[...] much contemporary art is supported by an immense scaffolding of discourse without which it would simply collapse and be indistinguishable from rubbish.

David Lodge, Deaf Sentence.